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BROKER TOOLS: Broker Tools is a feature within TransactionDesk that allows established Superuser(s) to conduct administrative business via the platform. 

  • Reporting and file management: View and access all listing, sale and lease files in the branch office.
  • File review compliance management: Define what documents you require for each transaction type. Brokers and administrative staff can quickly and easily review files online from any computer with web access.
  • Broker Dashboard: Enables Superusers to view live real-time activity across their entire branch office. 

Who is a Superuser? 

  • Superuser status is automatically granted to the Designated REALTOR®.  DR’s can request Superuser access be granted to other agents in the company and to non-licensed company administrators.  
  • Requests can be made via email to TD@aaronline.com.
  • Requests to designate an individual as a Superuser require the DR’s execution of a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement.  The Agreement can be found at the following link:

How much does it cost to be a Superuser?

  • Broker Tools and Superuser access is a standard feature in TransactionDesk for brokers with a single branch.  Designated REALTORS® with multiple branch locations and/or broker edition features such as compliance review should inquire with TransactionDesk for Broker Tools fee information.

How can I remove access for a Superuser from my TransactionDesk account? 

  • Requests to remove a Superuser can be requested by the Designated REALTOR®.  Requests can be sent to TD@aaronline.com

I have an agent on my TransactionDesk roster who is no longer with my company.  How do I remove an agent?

  • TransactionDesk users are not removed so as not to disrupt the platform’s data integrity.  Once an agent leaves a company, their files are transferred to the Superuser.  The Superuser can then retain those files, transfer the files back to the agent, or transfer the files to a different agent within the company.