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Several licensees in an office want to create a “team” and market their services as such. The team would like to include the word “Realty” in their team name (e.g., “The Home Realty Team”).


Can the team use the word “Realty” in their team name?


See Discussion.


The ADRE is clear that team names must not create the impression that the team is an independent entity or separate from the employing broker. A.A.C. R4-28-502(C) provides:

“A salesperson or broker shall ensure that all advertising contains accurate claims and representations, and fully states factual material relating to the information advertised. A salesperson or broker shall not misrepresent the facts or create misleading impressions.”

Thus, the use of the words “Associates,” or “Realty” should be avoided because they create the impression of a brokerage, rather than a team and are typically not acceptable to the ADRE.