In a world of acronyms, FPC might be one of the most important ones in the real estate industry. FPC, or Federal Political Coordinator, has the role of making the REALTORS® voice heard… literally!

What is an FPC?

The Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) role is to bring the message of our industry to the Member of Congress and work hand in hand with our states congressmen and congresswomen to develop strong working relationships. FPCs give our Members of Congress (MOCs) information and data about housing issues and provide them with the accurate information, so when it’s time to vote they are educated and informed, which benefits REALTORS®, their clients and homeowners.

Why would a Member of Congress want an FPC? The answer is simple, industry expertise. The MOC likes to have a key member of our industry with whom they have formed a working relationship with to ask questions on all matters related to real estate. It allows for the MOC to have one key contact to become their “go-to” person. The congressman/congresswoman has personal contact information of their FPC and calls them directly to ask their views on certain legislation or for anecdotal evidence regarding certain issues. It is not unusual for other industries to utilize similar programs, oftentimes referred to as a “legislative liaison” or “congressional liaison.”

The work of the FPC is critical and once the relationship is forged, communication with our Member of Congress is effective and yields results. This offers a friendly face to provide our philosophy and industry needs and to whom the MOC listens.

What are the FPC Responsibilities?

The most valuable contribution to NAR, the state and local associations is the relationship the FPC develops with their Member of Congress. In addition to regular contact with their assigned Member of Congress, there are specific tasks the Federal Political Coordinator is required to fulfill.

The required duties of a FPC are to respond to all NAR Calls for Action (CFA), advocate on behalf of all REALTORS® and the REALTOR® Party, contact their assigned Member of Congress at least once per quarter and submit a field report, participate in training as required (in person or online, new FPCs participate in the semi-annual conference in Washington DC), be familiar with each NAR issue to advocate on behalf of REALTORS®, deliver RAPAC Contributions in a timely manner, attend each NAR Annual Mid-year meeting, develop a contact team of REALTORS® for communication on NAR issues and Calls for Action, and sign and return a pledge form agreeing to carrying out their duties to the best of their ability. Also, all FPCs are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to RAPAC as a tangible, creditable sign of their commitment to legislative objectives and understanding of RAPAC’s importance in achieving those goals.

How do I get involved?

REALTORS® can become a member of the FPC’s “contact team” (team). Each FPC establishes a contact team of local REALTORS® that they can invite to in-district functions as well as count on if the FPC is unable to attend a function or deliver a RAPAC check. If you are interested in becoming involved, you should contact the FPC for the district in which you reside and express your desire to serve on their FPCs team. FPCs themselves are handpicked by leadership from the State and National level to serve as an advocate to the Member of Congress.

Who are Arizona’s FPCs?

Click here for the current list of FPCs.  This list is updated annually on January 1st.