BobHertzogIt was about this time last year that REALTOR® Bob Hertzog, a Scottsdale broker and founder of Summit Home Consultants, started volunteering with the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR). Active in social media, Hertzog said he often participated in conversations about the association and the industry. “It was easy to assume that no one was doing anything [on behalf of Arizona REALTORS®],” he said. But, in April 2013, Hertzog attended his first AAR Spring Convention and he got an entirely new perspective. He said, “It blew me away to see the sheer volume of people that participate [in the association] on a regular basis and try and make a difference.” So, Hertzog took the advice of a colleague and walked up to AAR Vice President of Government Affairs Nicole LaSlavic and asked to join the AAR legislative committee.

Since then, Hertzog says he devotes approximately 10 hours a month to volunteering; most of which is spent participating in meetings and reviewing pending legislation. “It’s tough to be taken away from your business, even for just a few hours,” he said. “But, the payoff is well worth it.” Hertzog, who has had his broker’s license for 14 years, said, “I’m in this business long-term. I want to sell real estate until I die. I realized that I better jump in and try and make a difference.”

And Hertzog has made a difference. He’s been a part of the AAR legislative committee devoted to maintaining anti-deficiency statutes and has helped to stave off the legislation that would infringe on private property rights. He’s also recently been asked to join the ARMLS rules committee. “When you get in the middle of things, you see so much there than what meets the eye,” said Hertzog.

While Hertzog is definitely gaining new perspective on the inner-workings of Arizona’s real estate industry, there are also residual benefits to his involvement in the association and ARMLS. “Volunteering has been a great networking opportunity for me. I get to work with successful REALTORS® from around the state. And who knows? It might turn into a referral.”

If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, take a look at our four primary committees and contact the vice-chair.


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Bethany Brannan

Bethany Brannan is the communications manager for the Arizona Association of REALTORS.