Some AZ real estate purchase contracts provide mediation as a remedy to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers.

Typical disputes between buyers and sellers may concern earnest money, property condition, and others. In the unlikely event of a dispute between buyers and sellers to the transaction, mediation would provide for an objective third-party (mediator) to meet with all parties to help them reach a solution.

There are some exceptions to buyer-seller mediation listed in the contract, but most disputes can be mediated successfully, which can save legal expense and aggravation.


“Mediation is almost always in the client’s best interests. I have represented 100+ clients in mediation – over 99% of those cases were resolved favorably at mediation. Mediation saves the parties money, stress and time. AAR is wise to include section 7c in the purchase contract, which requires parties to mediate any dispute before going to court.”

Christopher J. Charles
Davis Miles, PLLC
AAR Buyer-Seller Mediator