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Making a RAPAC Request

Associations have a great opportunity to send support to candidates in their community through RAPAC. Reserve balances that have not been spent in one calendar year are rolled over to the following year. The following are funding examples and procedures to maximize this opportunity.

RAPAC Funding Examples:

Support campaign efforts of a local city council candidate (or freshman REALTOR® candidate) who supports the industry.

Contribution Limits*:

  • Local candidates’ requests may be up to $5,000 in the Primary election and up to $5,000 in the General election.
  • State legislator candidates’ requests may be up to $4,000 in the Primary election and up to $4,000 in the General election.

* The new amounts are for both the Primary election and again in the General election.

How to Submit a Request:

Funding requests can only be received from local associations. Please fill out a funding request form or make sure that your request has the following information contained in it:

  1. Explain the candidate in 2-3 sentences.
  2. Specify the funding amount
  3. Obtain the candidate name to whom the check should be made payable
  4. Identify the local association staff or member who will be the main contact for the request
  5. Address of the candidate
  6. Date of the election
  7. Date check is needed
  8. Name and address to whom the check should be mailed
  9. Fax request to Lore Brown at 602-351-2474

Timeline on Processing a Request

  1. AAR receives the request and notifies the committee to vote on presented candidate
  2. Committee usually determines funding decision within 2-3 days
  3. Association is notified on funding request outcome
  4. Based on the association’s preference, the check is forwarded to the local association or candidate
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